How does this whole Photo Bus thing work?

Great Question! We’re like a Photo Booth on Wheels. You and your Guests hop right in, sit right down and smile for the camera. Depending on the Template you choose for your event, you’ll take 3-4 pictures, complete with a live preview screen and countdown timer. We will have a variety of props to choose from as well.

Does Jazzlyn actually run?

You bet! She can go from 0-60 mph… eventually. Yes, we drive the Bus to most events. For events that require additional travel outside the city, we make other arrangements. Contact us with your event location so we can provide you with necessary details.

Will the Bus fit inside my Venue?

If there is appropriate space and approval, we’re happy to accommodate if at all possible.

Do you require power?

Most definitely! Solar Panels weren’t a feature back in the 60’s and she won’t use AA Batteries... which means we’ll need to be within 75 ft of a power source. We’ll provide the cables if you provide the place to plug-in. Deal?

Will my Guests get a copy of their Photos at the event?

Yes… However, we are a 100% digital Photo Bus. All Guests will receive their photos via Text Message, Email or via our Facebook page. You will get a copy of all pictures at the end of your event on a USB Drive for you to print and share as you wish. As always, your event will come with unlimited photo sessions during your rental period.

What year is your Photo Bus and where did you find it?

Jazzlyn is a 1969 VW Bus and we found her in Tempe, AZ in April of 2016. Teal and White was her color and she looks beautiful!

Can we personalize our Photos?

Sure! We have some standard templates to choose from… or you can upgrade your package to select from a catalog of nearly 1000 templates! We do include our company info on every print, but we will definitely personalize it for your special event.

Can I rent the Photo Bus for a Photography Session?

Absolutely… because why not? Jazzlyn makes a great Prop in any picture. We do stay with the Bus during your entire session. After all, leaving a baby unsupervised is frowned upon and we certainly wouldn’t do that with ours! Contact us for rates.

Can we see the Photo Bus?

Yes! Although you may not be able to attend a private event, we can arrange for a viewing appointment. Contact us for details.